{Lifestyle} Industrial Dance with Houston Ballet Principal Dancer Connor Walsh

Though I've never taken a dance class, my mom and sister are both ballet teachers. My mom owned a studio when I was a kid, so I grew up around it. Like most boys I played conventional sports and had no interest in ballet, but as an adult I've come to love it as an art form. I first met Connor at an event after a Houston Ballet performance a couple of years ago. Soon after, we became friends on social media and discovered that we had a lot of mutual interests: music, arts, travel, Premier League soccer (even if he is a Chelsea fan *cringe*) etc. This shoot was a long time coming due to our busy schedules and our wanting to find the right location, so we were both excited when everything fell into place. Big thank you to my friends Eric and Janine Visentin for letting us shoot at Southside Skatepark! I can't even begin to describe how enjoyable this shoot was. Connor was very easy to work with and go with the flow, letting me direct when I felt I had an idea. He was also full of ideas himself and open to just trying things whether they might end up working or not. It all felt very organic and nothing was forced or planned out in terms of specific shots. Obviously, Connor has been on quite a few photo shoots, so he was very comfortable with the whole process.. All in all, it was a lot of fun, and it's always interesting shooting something new!